Friday, August 27, 2010

Middle School Chapel: A Word to the Wise

Mrs. Snodgrass (US Religion teacher and Assistant Chaplain) shared a "word" with the Middle School girls. After reminding them that she had been a new girl at St. Mary's as a fifth grader and also a former MS teacher, she told them how much she LOVED Wordly Wise! This weekly workbook is a foundational teaching tool for the development of a strong vocabulary, but in Mrs. Snodgrass' view, it became a vehicle for conversation about the difference between smart words and wise words.
Not surprisingly, the girls immediately recognized that wise words came from "thinking before speaking," and that wise words are kind, complimentary, and healing. May these wise words be on our lips throughout the year.

If you're wondering where the Upper School girls were today, rest assured that their experience of "Henrietta Lacks Day: Conversations about Immortality" was a profound, eye-opening, and occasionally mind-blowing event. You're sure to see more about it on the school website and in upcoming articles.

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