Friday, September 10, 2010

Constance and her Companions, Part 2

We were honored to worship today with a delegation of sisters, brothers, associates, and friends of the Order of St. Mary and the Brotherhood of St. Gregory.  Coming from "the mountain" (Sewanee) and as far away as Wisconsin to mark the occasion of the Martyrs of Memphis, our guests brought us the "Memphis chalice," a gold chalice that was originally used for worship by Constance and her companions in the 1870's.

Our visitors were here to worship with us as we celebrated our first service of Holy Eucharist for this school year.  Commemorating our heritage through the remembrance of this day with Holy Communion has become a tradition for the Middle and Upper School student bodies. 

We reflected upon the theme of looking deeply, caring actively and loving recklessly.  To engage fully in life and to reach out to those in front of us is not a religious calling, but a path to a rich, full and beautiful life.

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