Friday, September 17, 2010

Cum Laude Inductions

Speaking to the themes of excellence, justice, and honor, the six current members of the Cum Laude Society inducted seven new girls into this national society.  Recognizing their academic achievements as well as their personal commitment to make a contribution to the greater good, Dr. Ray and Mrs. Shaw welcomed these seniors and charged them with their responsibility.
The distinguished record you have made at St. Mary's Episcopal School has won for you membership in the Cum Laude Society.  This society is a fellowship of scholars whose purpose is to recognize excellence in academic work.  As you pursue your education, it is our hope that you will accept the honor of membership in this Society as a responsibility to make some contribution to the on-going search for greater understanding of humans and society.
When asked "Do you accept this charge?" They each responded, "I do."

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